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And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

27 October 2005

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Current Mood:  distressed

As I think Aki would say, fuckity fucking fuck sticks!!!  I crashed my Town Car on the drive home tonight.  No injuries.  The bumper of the guy I rear ended was pretty scratched up, and I fucked up the front of my car pretty good.  I’m not so worried about the money, but being without my car for a week or more will be a pain.  And then paying for a rental car out of pocket.  God damn it!  Fuckity fuck fuck!  If you know me, you know how much I love when this kind of stuff happens.  Fuck.  Seriously, fuck.

There was an older guy standing by my car when I went to get in it before I left.  He asked if I had any spare change, and I gave him the only four cents I had in change… warning him ahead of time that it wasn’t much.  But he took it happily, and then stood by the next parked car.  I just remembered all this.  You don’t suppose he stood there putting a curse on my car because I only gave him four cents, do you?  I felt guilty later.  I should have given him a few bucks.

I need to get my mind off it.  What’s done is done.

Yesterday was the lovely Taylor’s birthday!  If you didn’t wish her a happy one, then, well, you’re a bad person.  And you need to know that.

On the band front, some interesting developments.  The Thanksgiving gig at Popscene is a go, so see you all there!  I’ll be the guy throwing up and shitting myself backstage.  I’ve been practicing up a storm,  and I’m getting these songs down better than I ever thought possible.  Also, the majority has ruled, and the band has changed its name to “This Charming Band.”  But Benjamin, isn’t that a little campy and lame?  And isn’t it awfully similar to that famous other Smiths cover band that’s been around for 10 years called “These Charming Men?”  And isn’t that kind of unoriginal… kind of making you a cover band of a cover band?  Well… yes.  What do you want me to say?  I was out-voted.  Bush is also the president, but I didn’t move to Canada did I?  Ah hell.

On a lighter note, lots of new music out.  I’m listening to the new Cardigans album as I type this, which is awesome as expected.  Got the new single from She Wants Revenge sitting here, maybe for later.  I got that new John Lennon 2-disc collection.  Actually, I should rant on that for a minute.

I wasn’t too familiar with John Lennon’s solo work, but he gets such notariety, that I assumed it must be really good.  I mean, he was a Beatle, right?  So I got this new 2-disc greatest hits that is supposedly pretty complete.  I listened to it all, and let me say that aside from his handful of major hits (which are all very good), I’d be as likely to remember what I ate for breakfast on May 22nd, 1989 as I’d be to remember any of those songs.  At the risk of blasphemy, that was two discs of some boring-assed, mediocre shit.  I understand it all now.  Paul was the talent.

Now I know the Beatles’ catalog pretty well.  It had some balls behind it.  And then they broke up (because of Yoko?) and what happened?  John, you were a Beatle, dude.  You went from rocking the house to all this sensitive “woman” and “I’m not worthy” and “I’m just a jealous guy” self-hating bullshit.  This James Taylor, mild-mannered, guidance counselor bullshit.  This I’m-just-a-big-dumb-man-and-I’m-so-lucky-that-the-magical-unicorn-that-is-womankind-will-even-talk-to-me bullshit.  I can’t even listen to it, and probably never will again.  I think of Yoko, and it makes me want to kick a nun.  She became part of every song, and every project.  She was in every picture.  There was no John.  Just John and Yoko.  She stripped you, man.  Lock, stock, and barrel, she took those balls and put them down the disposal.  Fucking Yoko.  For my money, John/Yoko goes down as the most famous pussy-whipping of all time.

And Lala never spoke to me again.