Daily Archives: October 12, 2005

Panic On The Streets Of Sunnyvale!

12 October 2005

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Current Mood:  busy

I found out that I have at least 10 weeks of local work ahead of me.  No flying.  No hotels.  No shit.  10 weeks local, bitches!  You heard what I said.

The only weird thing about that is that I’m working with two guys under 25 years old.  Jared talked about this experience a while back, and I didn’t understand.  But now I know.  When you’re not the young hot-shot anymore… well, it sucks.

I just went to the dentist.  Ever seen the version of Little Shop of Horrors with Steve Martin?  Now that is some funny shit.  Anyways, for those of you keeping score, I still don’t have any cavities.  There are a lot of possible reasons for this.  The 10-15 minutes of daily brushing is high on the list.

Man, this Jethro Tull kick has kept up.  I’ve been buying up Tull albums left and right.  I don’t understand how this happened all at once – I’ve known their music for years.  So, I’ve been going to Borders a lot to buy these CDs, and I’ve noticed that every day, around the time school gets out, the two isles of Japanese comic books are filled with little asian kids reading.  I mean 20 of them, easily.  I’m all for children reading, but it’s a Borders, not a library.  They’re all sitting down, cross-legged, nose in a book.  If I were running that place…

By the way, it’s Aki’s birthday.  For the next hour or so, anyway.  Go pay your respects if you know what’s good for you.