Daily Archives: October 3, 2005

Sitting On A Park Bench…

3 October 2005

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Current Mood:  relaxed

I had forgotten how great Jethro Tull is.  On my drive home tonight, I reminded myself.

Apparently my neighborhood is on lock-down this week.  Tiger “Fer Shizzle” Woods and a mess of other famous golfers are having a tournament on my street, so the cops are blocking off roads and such.  I hear I will have to hassle with them and “prove I live here” depending on when I’m around this week.  Not a big deal I guess, but you can imagine how much I don’t give two shits about a golf-related anything going on anywhere.  Here’s hoping I am not tempted to share those feelings with any of San Francisco’s finest.

Last night was another band practice.  I can’t fucking wait to play a show.  And if you care, we finally decided on a name: “Ten Ton Truck.”  Just the right mix of obscurity and casual fan recognizability.  I am most pleased.

And finally, I’ve not heard my neighbors humping in several days now.  I guess maybe I should stop typing and listen for a few, huh?

“The more people die, the more things stay the same.”