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30 December 2013


Dragon, Slain

24 May 2012

Well friends… I finally got on a plane and returned to Europe.

Soul Purpose

22 May 2012

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to life lately.

Aloha, Motherfuckers!

5 January 2012

I just wanted to put down some notes about my exciting New Year’s trip to Maui.

Viva Lost Wages

21 November 2011

I just had to share some deets about the best vacation I’ve had in a while.

Your band sucks.

1 February 2011

Wouldn’t that be

The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Fresno

20 October 2010

Another quick check in, kids.

Whoops, there goes another rubber tree plant…

7 August 2010

I’m freshly returned from my first ever trip to Charlotte, NC.

21 June 2010

And by “world,” of course I mean “Bakersfield.”

Well, it seems Old Man Hudson’s birthday is coming up.

How The Midwest Was Won

9 May 2010

Well kiddies, I survived the trip to Chicago/Milwaukee with virtually no problems.

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