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Drawing The Blank

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I was driving up my street after work the other night, and the sun was just going down.  On one side of me a forest, on the other side a lake, and directly ahead of me, a hill separating my car from the ocean.  Above the hill, a silhouette of a man in a hang-glider, peacefully coasting against this vibrant backdrop of cloudy orange and purple sunset.  An absolute Maxfield Parrish unfolding before my eyes.  Holy Christ it’s good to live in San Francisco.

I finally watched the movie 300 the other night (maybe the same night actually).  I actually bought it because I’m too lazy to deal with a video store.  I don’t know where there’s one near me, and I don’t want to sign up with them.  That being said, I believe the days when all content is delivered digitally instead of on a disc are coming much sooner for movies than they are for music.  And I don’t really watch many movies these days.  I had promised myself not to buy another DVD unless it was a special case.  But I just forgot.  I think this “digital delivery” will be the “norm” long before I get around to watching most of my DVDs again.  Anyway, what the hell was I talking about?  Oh yes, 300.

So I guess I was secretly hoping for Gladiator meets Sin City.  In a way, that’s what I got, but the end result was not all that great.  Don’t get me wrong… as a guy, I admit I was absolutely entertained by watching all manner of guys cut to pieces all manner of other guys.  And the overall “look and feel” of the movie was neat.  But ultimately, it felt like they were trying to capture the political intrigue and patriotism and epic warfare of (our idea of) ancient Rome, but unlike Gladiator, it failed miserably in that regard.  All the characters were flat, and I didn’t find myself caring about any of them.  I didn’t feel for the good guys.  I didn’t particularly want to see the bad guy get his due.  Character depth and plot was hinted at, but only hinted at.  It was all just kinda bland.  Just a two-hour fight scene really.  But a really neat fight scene.  But also probably not a $27.99 fight scene.  Oh well…

In case you missed it, and I can only assume everyone reading this probably did, Gibson’s 2007 “Guitar Of The Week” has given us some very interesting axes this year, and last week’s reverse Flying V was no exception.  However, not my kind of guitar, so I will not be buying one.  But definitely worth a look:

It’s worth noting that when I first heard about this program at the beginning of the year, I thought it would be my financial undoing.  I was expecting to see some irresistible 335s and such, but I failed to realize that hollowbodies and semi-hollows are all made at a different location by a different division of Gibson… so they have nothing to do with this program.  Which explains why we’ve seen no 335s and a ton of variations of Les Pauls and SGs.

This whole weekend went by in a blur, but it was a great one… I had brunch and ice cream with Anna and Sean at a couple of Mission staples (Boogaloos and Mitchell’s).  Then the show at the Blank was awesome… we played well (hopefully some mp3s of this show will be coming along soon), and the crowd was wild there as usual.  We saw some friends we hadn’t seen in a while.  I’m sure there are stories from this show, but for some reason I’m drawing a Blank.  (Sorry, how could I pass on a pun like that?  Honestly though, friends who were there: what stories am I forgetting?)  Afterwards, we (something like 12 of us) ended up at an all-night diner called The Mini Gourmet.  Sus and Shel put flowers in my drink.  I almost fell asleep in my food.  Then I spent Sunday bumming around SJ with a certain Miss Amy, watching the Simpsons movie and later, The Lords Of Flatbush (a.k.a the weaker precursor to The Wanderers).

Yes, there are lots of great concerts coming up.  I know this.  All my friends are going to Interpol in October instead of seeing our big Strangeways show.  Modest Mouse will be playing out on Treasure Island shortly.  But by far the one I’m looking most forward to is the recently announced Van Halen reunion mini-tour which will include David Lee Roth.


I just don’t even know what to do with myself.  Anyone know the scoop on getting tickets?  I absolutely must see this show.  That is all.

Not that you all aren’t already counting the minutes, but Shel’s birthday is on Wednesday!  She will be joining a host of us at Orlando’s debut with his Siouxsie tribute band this Friday at the Red Devil Lounge.  Come on down and buy her a drink!

And finally, the quote of the week comes from the aforementioned Miss Amy, who broke out of her usual reserved demeanor just long enough to put up her dukes and drop this gem:

“You must be starving!  How about a nice knuckle sandwich?  In fact, how about TWO?  All you can eat, bitch…”

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3 Comments to “Drawing The Blank”

  1. Apparently Ben is all the rage at Red Robin.

    I’m really surprised you even left that out of your blog! Completely out of character for you…or maybe since it happens SO often its just no big deal? As long as its only gay men or a mascot… I guess there’s no need to worry. *wink

    • Oh yes! How could I forget Red Robin hitting on me and asking me to call him? Right in front of you! That guy has no tact. He could have at least waited for me in the men’s room.

  2. that guitar is sick. and agree, i wouldn’t want one, but still…

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