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There comes a time in a man’s life…

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… when he must finally break down and buy a pot.  And a strainer.  And turn his stove on for the first time since moving into his place two years ago.  And make himself some spaghetti.

And that time is tonight.

I believe I once made the argument that I didn’t own these things because I knew it would snowball.  And after I did the dishes tonight (which was so much more a pain than usual), I thought about how nice it would be if I had a rack to put my new pot and strainer in while they dry.  And I thought about how it might be nice to have one of those vases to put my new pasta scoop in.  And heck, what if I tried out my dishwasher for once?

And I am doomed.  And I have lost one of my most endearing eccentricities.

But I wonder if it isn’t worth it?  Because sweet Jesus, homemade spaghetti is good.  It reminds me of my folks.  And I don’t know what “arrabiata” means, but it tastes like heaven.  So as I poured on the Kraft parmesan, I thought about the fact that although I do joke about it, there actually seems to be something gratifying about cooking, despite the ridiculous overhead of time and effort.  Am I becoming an adult?  Or just boring?  Or both?

I repeat, I am doomed.  And fucking stuffed.

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5 Comments to “There comes a time in a man’s life…”

  1. Wait Fussy Poonta, which one of your eccentricities is endearing??? I know…the Teddy Ruxpin dance! Dance Teddy Dance!

    Is there where I put the Sus & Shel Sanctioned Photo?

  2. Ha! I win! You owe me $$$$$$! We can go shopping for kitchen stuff soon…maybe even consolidate the two projects…

    Arrabiato = angry; pissed off, in Italian. Spicy temper… angry food… it all makes sense. 😉

  3. Pistol Packin' Mama

    wow i never thought the day would come… you’re all grown up now!

  4. Oh, you just wait….there will soon be cook books!! Oh, the cooking bug has hit me too! Perhaps it is a side effect of getting older. Look at it this way – girls like guys that can cook (well, at least this girl does)!

  5. The Queen is Jessica

    Why don’t you ever come to me for your Italian translations?

    It means “angry!” HMPH!

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