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I watch the hands of certain people I know…

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Current Mood: groggy

Despite my state of constantly playing catch up lately, I have had some relaxing times enjoying the city with friends.

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2 Comments to “I watch the hands of certain people I know…”

  1. “Can I shoot pool?” or “Can you hit a Ball in?” What silly questions! Also, you failed too mention how I kicked your ass @ Fooseball…. Mr. I Win At Everything…I’m still waiting for you to prove that to me.

    Also, it wasn’t fair I was totally out numbered @ The Up Your Alley Fair… you were soaking up all the attention…where WERE all the Lesbians at! Also, dont forget about the Queen with the diaper rash who gave me that compliment I did get a couple!


    On a side note your title for this Blog should have been…
    “Bitches take notes”


  2. thanks again.i see that you ggot a new toy/mosrite?it`s litlle bit blurry i can`t see…i missed your show in s.j. with a valid excuse;you know that we have our recording sessions and rehursals on suturdays ,so i couldn`t.you know those momments when you have to decide which thing is more important and you have to decide fast-it just sucked to be me that night:),right?anyway i hope that you had fun!

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