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Finland, 1978

29 May 2006

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My neighbors have been keeping me up with loud parties on weeknights.  Screaming idiots and hip hop music till 3:00am.  Not that I’m not still up at 3:00am, but I’m certainly not up to listen to those animals.  But for those of you who remember my blogs of old, my amorous neighbors appear to be back, too.  Or maybe these are different neighbors.  Maybe even the same ones throwing the parties?  I dunno.  All I know is that if it’s 3:00am at my place, you can hear either loud music or loud humping.  Sadly, I’m involved in neither.

Ireland’s 32 was a great show in case you missed it.  Well, most of the people reading this probably missed it, if I’m to be honest.  We did see Sus and Shel, along with some of their friends.  Jenn and Rebekah were there to support.  There was at least one drunken Irishman spinning on the dance floor until he collapsed onto a table.  Jared… how up your alley was this?  It was a smaller crowd (understandable as this is a pub and not a club), but we got a good response, and the people there seemed to be real Smiths fans.  Singing along and such.

It’s a small stage, so I took more than my share of gladiola strikes in the temple, but all in all, it was fun night.  We played a ton of songs including our new ones: “Panic” and “Handsome Devil” and “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore.”  Hopefully some of the recordings from the show will make it up to MySpace and/or the band’s site.  We’re looking forward to our next show at Ireland’s 32 in July!

Also, I should mention we have two more shows this week at The Uptown Nightclub in Oakland and The 4th Street Tavern in San Rafael.

When I was reading/reposting a MySpace bulletin earlier, I noted that there are two buttons available to you at the bottom.  There is a “reply to poster” button and a “delete from friends” button.  What was the business case for that feature?  Like you’re gonna read a friend’s bulletin one day and be like, “Fuck that guy…”  DELETE!

I don’t know anything about their music, but best band name I’ve heard recently is “The Gaza Strippers.”  First runner up is “Third Date.”

In addition to a third (late) Moz shirt from Bravado (fuckers), I discovered NME’s merch site.  Here’s a tip to you future business owners: when you name your distributor “Back Street Merch,” it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in your new customers.  Of course, I still shopped there, so what does that mean?  Anyways, Tenacious D, Link Wray, and countless others.  I picked up a few shirts.  Well, more than a few.  Eleven.  What’s that?  A herd?  A pod?  A gaggle?  Too many.  No more clothes this year.

The Journal of Personality has apparently reported in their June 2006 edition that memories may tend to get more positive over time.  Read the article if you’re interested, but how long have I been saying that?  Not like I’m the only one, but yeah.

Finland, 1978.  OK, is it wrong that I actually like this video a little bit?  I guess Armi Aavikko (1958 – 2002) has since passed away, but Danny Vuosi is still alive and kicking.  And while I can’t read his website, he appears to be kind of a big deal over there.  This is called by some “the worst music video ever.”  At least they’re having fun.  I’d argue that worse videos are the ones that are trying to be serious.  Anyway, I hope Danny doesn’t Google himself too often.  I think that would probably hurt his feelings.  🙁

Without further ado, “I Wanna Love You Tender” – Armi & Danny.