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14 May 2006

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Good heavens, I have been lagging on blogging.  I wish I could say I have a great excuse like I’ve just been so busy, but honestly… I just haven’t gotten around to it.  Consequently, there is lots to report.

Right after seeing Depeche Mode a couple weeks ago, I got to finally see the Lovemakers (local band: Oakland!) for the first time.  Sus and Shel introduced me to their music a few months ago, and I instantly loved them.  Business travel caused me to miss a few opportunities to see them live since, but I did finally get my chance at Bottom Of The Hill… and I was not disappointed.  A great show with lots of energy and most importantly the extremely sexy singer pouring water over herself as she sang.  As crowded as it was in there, I’m glad no one was standing right in front of me.  So… yeah.  Check out the video of them Shel has posted on her profile.  You’ll get the idea.  Oh, Lovemakers.  *sigh*

I came home the other night to find almost utter darkness at the complex.  Power outage!  Lights out!  I got to dig out the one candle I actually own (which I inherited from Jared, of course).  I changed into my pajamas by candle light and went to sleep in the moonlight.  Can a night still be romantic if you spend it by yourself?  I’m beginning to think that maybe yes.

Much to Taylor’s dismay, my first visit to the (in)famous Zeitgeist was at the hands of the great Ozzolini.  My understanding was that it was a hangout for punks and San Francisco’s bike messengers.  And that was about right.  I’ll start with the positives: they had a Reverend Horton Heat disc on the juke.  OK, now the negatives: there were punks there.  And bike messengers.  And regular bikers.  All of the aforementioned were dirty, and as a rule are traditionally dirty.  Orlando informed me that it was not a typical night and that I should try it again during happy hour.  It’s going to take a lot to give me a “happy” hour in that hole.  Thanks for trying though, Ozzer.  I don’t think Taylor has forgiven me for not going there with her instead.  After all, she has the dubious honor of being one of the only people to have ever gotten thrown out of that place.  Sorry Tay Tay… it was totally unplanned, I swear!

You remember when I wrote about our Blank Club show in January (“Petals Upon Pedals“)?  And I mentioned the two drunk Sparks girls that I met?  Well guess who Nick and I ran into at the Rickshaw Stop the other night?  They (Dori and Lydia) are a lot more interesting sober.  Or semi-sober.  I don’t know girls, which was it?  See you at the next San Jose show, right?  Pinky swear.

Sus had me along to see a rare acoustic performance by Erasure the other night (thank you!  thank you!  thank you!).  To be honest, I’d always considered them disposable synth-pop.  Suitable for dancing and not much else.  Well this show changed my mind completely.  Andy Bell sang a series of their ballads over new and live bluegrassy arrangements, and it was absolutely amazing.  That (very very gay) man has a voice on him.  A huge range and a lot of sincerity.  He belted out the sappy and the brooding, and I was just… moved.  It turns out they released a CD of it, and I’ve been listening to it non-stop for days.  The album is called “Union Street.”

And to top it all off, I met Chris Isaak this weekend!  He did a short acoustic set and signed some autographs at Tower here in SF.  He is funny and really nice.  Sus and I got to chat with him for a bit, and the subject of This Charming Band came up (thanks to Sus!).  He and his drummer Kenny both seemed very interested and are apparently Smiths fans.  He even said he’d check us out.  Could be lip service, but I’ll take it anyway!  Great meeting you guys!

Finally, we had our RockIt Room show with Stung and For The Masses last night.  Both of those groups are talented and did an amazing job of recreating the sound of The Police and Depeche Mode, respectively.  I hope they have us back soon!  This place used to be the Last Day Saloon, but it’s been remodelled and it looks great!  Many friends made it out including (but not limited to) Sus, Shel, Tanya, and Jen.

I myself had plenty of technical difficulties that ultimately resulted in me getting frazzled and fucking up more than my fair share of times.  But the energy was there, and the rest of the boys were in top form.  (I guess I should say “boys and girl” because one of Orlando’s friends helped us out with her mandolin on a few songs.  She did a great job!)  Orlie’s gladiolas were tossed all over the stage.  Most importantly, the crowd was into us.  We got a ton of positive feedback and stayed till the place closed.  Aside from the clambake I was hosting over on stage right, I had a great time.  This was the first of the 10 shows we have booked for the next three months so far.

Man, I love San Francisco.  I was driving home from San Jose the other day, and (keeping an eye on my car’s external thermometer) I watched the temperature drop from 83° to 63°.  The drive only takes 40 minutes, so that delta is all geography.  Driving home every night feels like returning to Utopia… or at least civilization.  Frisco, bitches!

Hopefully some of all of that was interesting to read.  Just in case it wasn’t, I’ll leave you with this mini-rant:

With the kind of work I do, I see a lot of restrooms in a lot of different companies, always in a white collar setting.  Something I’ve learned that distresses me is that a lot of men (~25 percent?) make moaning noises when they pee as if it’s this big effort for them.  You’d think they were all passing stones.  My question is: why?  Not like you want to know, but when I start going, the effort is over… it goes by itself, you know?  Is this as common as it seems?  Is it in my future?  What the hell is going on with these guys?

Actually, that reminds me… what’s with pee talkers?  Guys will come into the restroom while talking on a cell phone and continue the conversation while they unzip, pee, and flush.  If one of you guys ever pulled that with me… especially on a fucking business call!?  Sales guys, man.  Brass balls, those guys.  Holy hell.  Gross.