Daily Archives: May 25, 2006

OK, so I actually DO have a stitch to wear…

25 May 2006

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Current Mood:  groggy

Not that I went out tonight.  But it’s gruesome that someone so handsome should care.  Today was a day of new duds.  Allow me to explain:

  1. My shipment from Daddy-O’s came in.  Polyester bowling shirts galore.  If you haven’t seen this store, I highly recommend it.  I get shirts there all the time, and for you broads, there are a ton of quality 50’s dresses too.  Those models aren’t too bad either.  (Insert cartoon wolf howl here.)
  2. Two Morrissey shirts finally arrived.  I won’t bore you with the details, but the company handling Moz’s merchandizing (Bravado) gave me the runaround twice over.  If they weren’t the only company selling some of these products, I’d strongly advise you to say “fuck ’em.”
  3. I got some shopping done today with Jen, my long time friend and fashion advisor.  While we don’t necessarily share the same tastes, she certainly has her areas of expertise.  The fact that shoe and belt colors need to match?  That blue clothes go with brown shoes rather than black?  These and countless other fashion maxims (which seem to be innate to most women) were ingrained in me through years of systematic abuse at the hands of Jen herself.  Thanks!

In case you’re wondering, “duds” is based on like… a real word and stuff.  From the Middle English word “dudde,” meaning “cloak.”  You like that?  I’m dropping Middle English on you now, bitches.

If you’ve ever talked shop with me, then you know how much I swear by Couch Guitar Straps.  They’re the premier designer of vegan guitar straps that look better than anything else out there and are animal-friendly at that.  Beauty without cruelty, you know.  There aren’t a lot of companies I can support so completely.  I use their products exclusively, and they have seen fit to put me on their MySpace profile.  Check out their pictures and see if you recognize me.  How exciting!

And finally, what the hell is this?