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Musical Miscellanea

Not to start things out on a negative or unnecessarily shocking note but…

I fucking knew it!  Those rat bastards!  I’ve written before about my hate hate hate of scalpers (like here and here), but I think this news takes the proverbial cake.  Turns out that all that time we’ve been grumbling because scalpers always end up with the best tickets to sell… all that time we’ve been gnashing our teeth and cursing that the whole thing must be rigged… well it turns out it was!  I’m sure this isn’t the whole story, but these guys were certainly contributing to the systematic fleecing of fans that’s been such a black mark on the concert-going experience lo these many years.  To the gallows with you fucking snakes!  A pox on all your houses!

OK, I need some good cheer to mellow me out.  This Stephen Lynch video cracks me up.  I think you need to watch it too.  Go on, do it.  I’ll wait.

I had originally posted a link to the (in my opinion, superior) performance of this song on Comedy Central, which as of 2023 can be found here. But this embedded video is the same song from another show… and not behind a paywall.

Did I mention a couple weeks ago that I caught Deadbolt in Oakland again?  The show — for whatever reason — was much better this time around.  There was still police tape lining the stage.  Still sparks flying.  Went home hoarse from all the smoke.  Saw the usual suspects there too of course, and as an added bonus, I was among the first to snag their brand new album “Voodoo Moonshiner” (which features the return of The Mocker).  And when I say I was among the first, I mean the band had literally picked up the first discs on the way to that very gig.  Hot off the presses!

And actually, on the topic of CDs, I’ve been hearing a lot of good music lately.  Notably, The Legendary Shack Shakers have a new album out which is great as usual.  I also finally gave in and picked up that Passion Pit album everyone is so nuts over.  It was alright.  My assessment?  Two parts Daft Punk’s second album, one part The Postal Service, and (unexpectedly) a hint of what I think is Peter Gabriel’s influence.  Strange!

Listening to: Passion Pit – “Manners


2 Comments to “Musical Miscellanea”

  1. LMESTY… I can see that the subject of scalpers makes you extremely hyphy! I suggest that you eat some Thin Mints and simmer down. It’s not good for a man your age to get all worked up like that. Deep breaths…

    Peter Gabriel… really? I’ll have to give it another listen. They are great live!

  2. Yeah, the Peter Gabriel aspect is hard to define… but just little glimmers here and there. A lyric here or a snippet of melody there. I could be crazy.

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