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How The Midwest Was Won

Well kiddies, I survived the trip to Chicago/Milwaukee with virtually no problems.

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  1. Wow, you explained A LOT of things about the Midwest in this blog. I think I need to go back to Chicago, I don’t remember any tulips… which is strange because they are my favorite flowers. Then again it’s been about 16 years since I’ve been there. Because, you know, I went when I was like 5.

    BTDubs, I have a new sticker for your pedalboard. I just need to scrape it off my gate first.

  2. Let me explain something to you… sticker space on my pedalboard case is highly coveted, and that dude is NOT approved.

  3. Yes we are all big fish in our little ponds. That’s the great thing about traveling – you become more authentically yourself instead of the “you” so cleverly crafted in response to your pond and the other fishies in it.
    I find it really relaxing to not know anyone and just observe, very unlike me!
    Congrats on a successful adventure !!

  4. Ha ha ha! “C Po!”

    That’s a great point and definitely cuts to the bone. The “me” that I’ve crafted. It’s amazing how much of a person’s identity exists only in the space between them and “the other.”

  5. Damn it! An update

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