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I’m sorry, did you just say “nuzzle?”

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Oh Christ… my birthday is next Tuesday.

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  1. Haircut 101: I still stand by the rule that one should not get a haircut the day of a show, Moz OR TCB.

    Hollywood: It was more of a tour around the Burbank airport. And I got you two to A baggage claim. Sheesh. Nick met Chloe Sevigny and she got a TCB business card. He also got a firm handshake from Mozzer himself. Thanks for the water bottle. The contents of my bag that the water bottle leaked onto also thank you. The Tempest was the club where we were the last to leave the after party.

    Vegas Wkend Uno: I offered you a veggie meat hot dog and you declined. OMD and Keane rocked your socks off. Irving’s too. You two big mo’s. Stupid clock!!! Carlos the cab driver. Fantastic fellow. TCB and SATH took a group photo w/Moz Krew. Heh. Nick mentioned something about Moz Krew chanting in the bathroom. Shel and I do that all the time. You and I “slept together”, but w/your mutual fascination w/the headboard, it should’ve been you and Irving. http://www.hgtv.com Watch and learn.

    Colin: You met Colin Nasseri! Well you two had obviously had that prior mtg at the porn shop, but uh, yeah at your acoustic show and at Girl In A Coma night at the tin can/clean version of Gilman St. Plus he handed Moz a copy of his book (Sean’s too!) and it was lovingly and specifically placed in front of the bass drum.

    TCB @ 12 Galaxies: I heart that new SATH merch we bought at your show. What other colors does that shirt come in and what quotes in what font? And no puppies were molested that night! Just because I followed Rosie the puppy around the whole bar. Hmph.

    GIAC: Remember them as the band that got you cock blocked. Well, your first official lesbian dance party cock block. Nina is the singer w/the voice that reminds me of Sylvia Robinson.

    Vegas Wkend Dos: Right Guard was sprayed into one of your armpits. Orlie swam w/sharks. Eli sang “This Charming Man” (was that an ode to Brian, the bachelor party honoree?). YOU danced like a bunny and your guitar case got stickered. Closet Social D fan – come on out. Irving is waiting on the other side for you. While you boys rushed around, Shel and I went to the spa. Weren’t our fingers and toes lovely? Nice of you to notice. Jose said he had nightmares about me and I had to draw out of him that he actually meant fantasies. Use your words Jose. *sigh* Use your words. I will kindly leave out the details of late night drunk- texting from the Golden Gate, Room 249. Also, your $400 mostly went into the ‘Ring of Fire’ slot machine. Therefore it’s your fault I lost my own dinero.

    While you were asleep, did you have a fantasy about me? Were there snacks? How did I go thru an entire wkend w/out an ice cream cone???

  2. * *Charlene DeeVille* *

    YES….. the Black Widows and I WILL CUT YA………. and push you off the stage…:)

  3. Can I be Moz’s official videographer? youtube has all of Hollywood and Vegas now. Moz Krew shout-outs and appearances onstage included. These are the still lifes.

    Click here for the slideshow.

    (Historical Note: This series of live Morrissey pictures from the discussed shows was originally embedded, but I couldn’t get it to work here. I opted not to spend too much time trying to figure it out, nor to save copies of all of her pics to my own domain. If you’re reading this, hopefully the link above still works. If not, perhaps she has deleted her Photobucket account, in which case just know that it was an animated slideshow of live Morrissey pictures Sus took during these shows.

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