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I’m sorry, did you just say “nuzzle?”

18 June 2007

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Oh Christ… my birthday is next Tuesday.  I’ll be 28.  I’m Grosse Point Blank age.  Ten years!  Ten years!

Well, way more has happened in the last two weeks than I think I’ll be taking the time to write about.  If I had broken it up over a few entries, then maybe… but last week was just too damn busy.  So it’s Cliff’s Notes time.

Hollywood and Las Vegas (Part I)
I took the Friday before last off and got myself a haircut in the Mission.  Had brunch across the street at a cafe and ate it at a table on the sidewalk in the sun.  Got home, packed up, got a ride from the best looking cabbie I’ve ever seen.  Flew out to Hollywood with Sus and Nick, got lost a few times at the Burbank airport, got to the lovely Saharan (TCB’s official lodging in Hollywood), and we were off to the Hollywood Bowl.  We hadn’t even gotten in the door before we ran into the Moz Krew (who have been multiplying… there seemed to be dozens of them).  Thanks to Sus, the three of us were right up close in the pit once again.  The show was great!  It was among the best shows on the tour so far I think.  The Bowl was packed and it was amazing to see that many people there all to see Moz.  I caught one of Moz’s half-empty water bottles (yes, his DNA!).  Ran into Sean Starr.  Went to an after party at a bar, the name of which I can’t remember.  Ran into Eli from the Troubadour show.  Stumbled back to the hotel and crashed.

The next morning, we ate at the Cat and Fiddle, hit Amoeba, picked up Secret Agent Man (Irving), and hit the road towards Lost Wages.  Due to a slow clock in the hotel, we got to the show just as the first song was finishing up.  Our cab driver got us there in a rush though… he was a Moz fan himself.  The Moz Krew got a shout out from Moz during the show!  This was all at the Palms, and after the show, we ran into all the same folks we see at all the shows.  It’s always fun to catch up with all the folks that come to Moz and TCB shows… even here, in far off places.  Lots of group photos and such.  We hopped in a limo with the Moz Krew and headed out to the Beauty Bar to check it out.  The promoter recognized us and let us in.  We danced, drank, ate at an all-night casino diner.  Ran into Charlene.  Stayed up till 6am chatting with Sus and Irving (he’s a good guy).  Discussed nuzzling, Moz lookalikes, and the sound trannies make when they grab their crotch.  Woke up, ate at New York, New York, drove back to Burbank, flew home.

Sus and Nick, what crucial details have I forgotten?

OK, before I jump to the next weekend, I thought it might be nice to have an intermission.  This time, it comes in the form of a couple of links passed on to me by friends that you ought to be aware of.  First, the questionable advice at ShaveEverywhere.com came to me from Anna.  Second, how cool is this (link taken from Graham; turn your sound on): A Really Big Show.

12 Galaxies and Las Vegas (Part II)
We had practice Monday and Tuesday, and then our acoustic show at 12 Galaxies in the Mission.  That venue has changed, but probably for the better.  The other bands seemed excited to see us, though they only really got to see TCB “unplugged.”  One of the bands had a smoking-hot bassist.  The show was good, and Orlie put some videos up on YouTube if you want to check them out.  I must admit I felt a little neutered up there without any electricity.  I was looking forward to Vegas for sure.  Sus and Shel brought a shirt they should not have brought.  Sus molested a puppy.  Good times.

Thursday and Friday, I saw Girl In A Coma with Sus.  I wasn’t sold on them the first night, but after the second show, I happily bought their CD.  The band’s good, and the singer in particular has an amazing voice… half Karen O and half Bjork.  Wild-eyed… raising eyebrows, making faces, dancing, singing beautifully, and holding down some decent guitar parts all at once.  Good for them… I hope they do well!  That second show was at Fat City’s “Cock Block” lesbian night.  Like I don’t strike out enough in straight bars.

Saturday morning, it was off to Vegas again.  We spent the day rushing around to rent gear we needed, etc.  But by the time it was show time, we were all pretty relaxed.  We played the “backyard” area of the Beauty Bar… outdoors in the midnight desert heat.  It was a fun setting to play in, and I got to rock my new 335.  Only problem was that I couldn’t rent my normal amp (a ’59 Bassman), so I ended up with a Twin Reverb.  I learned that this amp is way too crisp and clean for me… basically I sounded like ass as every little missed string or flubbed note was just hanging out there for the world to hear.  When I hear myself on a Twin, it makes me realize how sloppy I can play sometimes.  Yowsa.

The show was a blast though.  There were plenty of skeptics, but I think we won them over, by and large.  Eli and his buddies were there.  Tanya of all people was there!  Three Moz Krew reps were there.  The highlight for me was when, after Orlie had an entire song’s worth of exchange with a bachelorette party on stage, as they were coming off stage, Jose yells “happy birthday!”  There were plenty of dangerous women around, thanks in part to Charlene.  We ate late.  I think I fell asleep in my food.  It was light out when I got back to the hotel.  We saw that “Bodies” exhibit on the way out of town… a bunch of preserved and dissected corpses basically.  I had some ethical reservations about what I saw.  The idea that I might one day end up splayed on a table in a Vegas casino for the public to examine… and remain that way for decades as some of the displays have been… well, it doesn’t go a long way in convincing me to donate my body to science.  Anyway, good show, good weekend, good times.  Except Sus lost my $400.

Man, I know I only scratched the surface of all the stories from the last two weeks, but I just don’t have it in me to write it all out.  Sorry folks (including “future me” reading this months/years from now and cursing the fact that I lazily assumed my memory would hold on to all of this).

Getting back from Vegas late last night… then getting up early… I am so sleepy.  Tonight, I’m going to sleep until I’m too tired to sleep anymore.  I’m going to sleep myself to sleep.  And then while I’m asleep, I’ll be dreaming about the very sleep that I am, at that moment, actually already in the middle of sleeping.  OK, after reading what I just typed, I think maybe I should go get started.  G’night, bitches.

The quote of the week actually comes from me for once… before meeting Peter for lunch the other day:

Benjamin: OK, see you at noon!
Peter: I’ll wear some socks.
Benjamin: Don’t bother.  I’ll just end up rocking them off anyway.