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This Serious Moonlight

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So a while back, I promised to talk about the new apartment I found.

Well I’m moving into it this weekend.  My current place is too empty without Jared, and it’s too full of shared memories.  And not to mention too expensive.  I’ve spent the last week packing off and on.  The good news is there isn’t much to pack.

I won’t say there’s no benefit to being on my own.  I think I’ve noticed a few, but I can’t remember them just now.  Too tired, perhaps, to be blogging.

Oh, so my new place is still in San Francisco, but it’s across town.  I’ll be over-looking a small lake.  I’ll have my own covered parking space, which should add about 5% more free time to my days.  There’s a pool and a hot tub.  An on-site gym.  A sauna.  A rec room.  BBQ pits.  Tennis and basketball courts.  And more than anything else, I’ll have a new start.  A place that’s “mine” instead of “used to be ours.”  If that makes sense.

I’ve been handling things the best way I know how: by staying extremely busy!  But I want to offer an open letter (OK, well, a note really) to my close friends:

I know that, quite the opposite of what I had predicted, I’ve actually been very reclusive and have not kept in good touch with you over the last few weeks.  I’m sorry, and I promise to work on this.  And invite you to an apartment warming, if I have one.  Please forgive me.

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4 Comments to “This Serious Moonlight”

  1. The Queen is Jessica

    Great! An apartment warming that I 99.9% will not be able to attend! 🙁

  2. The Queen is Jessica

    Oh and while you are at it, STOP APOLOGIZING and do something about it!

  3. I concur……so time for pro-activity – give a time and place for your new place fiesta and I will my best to be there! Feel free to call me anytime….I know how much a day/afternoon/whatever can be turned around when there is a friendly voice on the other line!

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