Daily Archives: August 7, 2005

Goodbye Horses

7 August 2005

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Current Mood:  tired

Jared called me this weekend.  It was the first time we’d talked since he left.  It sounds like he’s doing good, and I’m thrilled for him.  Off to Spain now, methinks.

I went to New Wave City this weekend.  It’s a roaming, once-a-month 80’s dance party.  On top of that, it was Smiths/Morrissey tribute night.  I drank and danced and lip-synched to Smiths songs all night.  The high point was when they played Goodbye Horses.  I don’t understand how that’s even possible.  Anyways, I had such a good time.  I hope everyone did.

I bought a throw pillow today.  And a duvet cover.  24 hours ago, I didn’t know what a duvet was.  Today I learned that I had one and that I needed a $30 cover for it.  The good Lord works in mysterious ways.

And finally, the word of the day is: SECRETS

It’s an exciting time in life when you’re first really getting to know someone.  Learning all their secrets.  You wonder if the next little secret is going to be the one that ultimately makes you fall for them.  And you wonder if it’s the next one that’s going to break your heart.

So the question is: what secrets are you keeping?

You told me, “I’ve seen it all before.  I’ve been there.
I’ve seen my hopes and dreams lying on the ground.”