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Hey Sugar, take a walk on the wild side…

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4 Comments to “Hey Sugar, take a walk on the wild side…”

  1. hey kiddo, no mas tequila for you… okay!

  2. Dude you were supposed to ease back into your drinking career with MHL’s and then gradually tackle the other harder stuff. Baby steps. Glad that you survived though.

    Oh and Lady (Caca) Gaga? Really? Not sure how to take this news.

  3. If you have been keeping up with facebook then you’ll know its no secret how i feel about Lady Gaga.. i’ve liked all three singles from that album and her performance a few weeks back at the VMA’s was nothing short of epic. I love that crazy bitch..

  4. this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

    Tequila? Yooooou? Ok, what brand? Sadly, that too can contribute to yr head’s, Boom, Boom-Ow! Half-shot or not.

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