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The Call Of The Great Indoors

29 September 2008

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12 Comments to “The Call Of The Great Indoors”

  1. I so remember Bits and Pieces, and did some research trying to find some videos from the show a couple of years ago. My friends and I (as adults) used to sit around and talk about the show, sad that we couldn’t find any videos online to share with each other. Glue! I need glue!

    *snort* I love it. I’m glad someone else on the planet thinks like I do 🙂

  2. the great songwriter/motown producer norman whitfield also passed away. sigh.

    when you were sunning yourself did you by chance smell the sweet scent of maple-glazed bacon? mmmm. bacon.

  3. OMG!! Haha love the video! Thank you for posting that. Definitely takes me back to my childhood.

    BTW, no to Denny’s but yes to The Mini Gourmet after The Blank show. It was strange not having you there. 🙁

    • And by “strange,” of course you mean “stupid and lame,” right? 🙂 Yeah, I felt like I was missing out… since I really never skip those things. But I just had to get home and mellow out, you know?


  5. You’re gonna need lots of glue! Wow. Thanks for the nostalgia.
    Now I need to get on You Tube & look for some old Romper Room clips and get dissapointed all over again since they never said my name when Miss Nancy looked through the magic mirror 🙁

  6. The Queen is Jessica

    I am still traumatized over Paul Newman’s death. *sniff*

  7. this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

    if ever you are having an, “I want to be alone,” moment, I recommend, “The Young Philadelphians.” It’s one of my favorite Paul Newman films, very early career. It was one of the regulars on the old AMC… I can”t believe you found that Charley and Humphrey short. It takes me back> hope you’rewell Mr. B! have a great weekend.

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