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  1. When I was working at Taco Bell and they were bought by Pepsi I wept like small child.

    They they combined them with KFC and what do ya get?

    Kentucky Fried Taco

    Oh…and if you have 5 seconds to spare, see if a bar called The Emerald Lounge still exists in Phoenix. The Spinning Jennies almost played a shut-out there in May 2001. I have a video tape of it somehwere. It basically caputured us performing and people not showing up.

  2. The Queen is Jessica

    You are so sappy-licious. I heart you.

  3. You free Sunday?

  4. You know what they say man….When the going gets tough, the tough find the bottom of a bottle of scotch. Seriously though, stick it to the corporate man. Damn lawyers and consultants ruining everything.

  5. Boo to corporate acquisitions and takeovers!! PowerBar=Nestle=Crunch=my fat ass. Not good. For the sake of my ass, I must leave…

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