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Phoenix gives new meaning to the word “hot.” Oh wait, no that’s me.

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4 Comments to “Phoenix gives new meaning to the word “hot.” Oh wait, no that’s me.”

  1. “Graceland” is one of my favorite albums of all time; pretty high on the top 10 on a desert island chart.

  2. You said “These may be my best years, and I’m wasting them. Maybe it’s time to start looking for a new partner in crime.” at the end of your blog……I find myself thinking similar things at the end of the day…..is it an age thing?

  3. Somehow I think Klip would’ve sweated heavily with or without the hairpiece. Eww.

    Seriously, if you’re peeing just a little everytime you think of Slim’s, that could explain the humidity in Penix this week.

    Les Paul, Mike Ness. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of your message. Jamie, Shel, Heather and I all saw the same frickin’ hot guy in the mosh pit at Social D in November. We all wanted to touch him and have his baby or at least practice making babies with him. And we all lost sight of who was onstage. It’s possible that our eyes glittered stars and harps played.

    If Notorious had been on the life raft at Ireland’s 32, I would have found a cocktail sword, stuck that raft and let it deflate. Marina people EVERYWHERE. Actually, no true offense meant for Notorious. Just their main fanbase.

    Did anyone else besides me sweat on Saturday night at Leisure? I’m pretty sure I can still sense other people’s sweat all around. That was gross. I still feel molested from the tickler/groper. There’s a lot to wash off from that night still. Yet the showlovely as always. Nick said something about Peter’s playing during “How Soon Is Now?” I forget his wording, but apparently it was spot on. Go Peter! (Go chile peppers! Go New Mexico!) And yet, I always think you guys are spot on. Sometimes you close your eyes when you play and I think how you must totally be in “the zone”. Are you? Or are you sleep playing? I dunno.

    Is Liberace really just sitting on your mantel in a glass case? Do you even have a mantel? I’m thinking and the thought is, “NO.”

    If you’ve thinking you’ve reached your limit at 27, then remove the dome off of your jaded outlook. Life begins at 30. Really, total emergence from the womb all over again, but without the slime. You have many years to realize that at 27, you’d only just begun. When you say new partner in crime, could her name be Jenzila??? I’m gonna leave the picture of your license place on her windshield along w/your contact info. Arrange for you two to meet at the top of some tall building in Tokyo.

  4. Well, I’ll have to remember to message you at 3am, but I don’t get drunk that often. How about sober-bored-harrassing dialing?

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