I wanted a place to keep track of my favorite places to go on the web to kill some time… and of course share them with you.  Here’s my ongoing list.  Some of them are from the early days of the net, but they stand the test of time.  Enjoy!

That’s funny…

  1. 101 Things You Do Not Want To Pass Through Your Urethra
  2. 8-Bit Theater
  3. Acts Of Gord
  4. The Best Page In The Universe
  5. Bikini Bandits (with such favorites as The Magic Lamp)
  6. Brickface & Stucco
  7. Crying While Eating (gone, but here’s the history)
  8. Despair, Inc.
  9. Dialectizer
  10. F*** My Life
  11. Homestar Runner
  12. Indexed
  13. Internet Meme Database
  14. Joe Cartoon
  15. Married To The Sea
  16. Meme Generator
  17. New Grounds
  18. The Official Ninja Webpage
  19. The Onion (and their Horoscopes)
  20. Pick-Up Line Archive (defunct, but here’s the last archive)
  21. RiffTrax
  22. Slogan Generator
  23. Some E-Cards
  24. Something Awful (including the Comedy Goldmine and Photoshop Phriday)
  25. South Park Studio
  26. Stuff White People Like
  27. The Tale Of The Painted Breast
  28. Texts From Last Night
  29. You!  Look At Me! (or on Vimeo)

That’s helpful…

  1. All Guitar Chords
  2. AllMusic
  3. The Breaks
  4. IMDB
  5. IMFDB
  6. Internet Archive
  7. What The Font?

That’s interesting…

  1. Art Caskets (defunct, but here’s the last archive)
  2. The Bad As Shit Project
  3. Branded In The 80’s
  4. Cthuugle (defunct Lovecraft-themed search engine)
  5. Dinosaur Dracula
  6. The Eggcorn Database
  7. Exploding Dog
  8. Geekologie
  9. The Global Rich List
  10. Googlism
  11. Hollywood Is Calling
  12. How CDs Work
  13. Ishkur’s Guide To Electronic Music
  14. Mighty Optical Illusions
  15. Monk-E-Mail (gone, but here’s the history)
  16. Spy Mall
  17. Stupid
  18. Think Geek
  19. Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests
  20. Why Do You Do What You Do?
  21. Wimp
  22. Wooster Collective
  23. Ze Frank

I don’t know what that is…

  1. Choda Lab (defunct interactive Orgazmo soundboard by Kamio)
  2. Furniture Porn
  3. Tetka
  4. You’re The Man Now, Dog! (gone, but here’s the history)

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