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Be still, my bleating heart!

14 February 2009

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It’s been miserably cold and rainy here in the city.  My nemesis (lotion) has been a necessity due to the dry air of this cold snap.  But it didn’t stop me from making it out to Louder Than Bombs last night.  I can’t say I like going all the way out to the FiDi the same way I liked it in the Mish, but a night of Smiths is a night of Smiths, and LTB is like the Bat-signal in that it brings together disparate friends from all over the area that I rarely see otherwise.  I saw the usual suspects and all, but I ran into Jonee of all people, who I haven’t seen in a couple of years!  The magic of LTB I guess.  And then tomorrow night is that John Cameron Mitchell event.  A screening of Hedwig, some Q&A, and apparently some live singing.  Should be a hoot!

But then what about tonight?  It is Valentine’s Day after all.  Each year, it seems more and more like a big nothing.  Is that happening in general, or is that just me getting older?  I remember perforated cardstock Valentines with this or that cartoon character… making “mailboxes” in class and giving Valentines to all your little classmates.  And I remember buying gifts and going out to nice dinners in my teens.  But every year I get the impression a little more that most people don’t even like this holiday.  That even when you do something romantic for your partner, it’s viewed as expected and cliché… or it could be that I’m just a bitter and jaded old man.

Now, if only I had game like Jesus…

As of 2023, the video I had embedded here has been blocked globally. It was an episode of a short comedy web series called “Modern Day Jesus.” This episode was called “Makin’ Out” on YouTube and “The Date” on FunnyOrDie.com. It featured Jesus trying to pressure his date (played by Dexter’s Jamie Silberhartz) into inviting him inside at the end of an evening together. I believe it was directed by Oren Kaplan. Oddly, this series seems to have been largely erased from the internet, which obviously isn’t easy to do. Maybe it was problematic? Too bad. I did manage to find one screenshot, which I’m putting here in lieu of the actual video.

OK, so what am I doing tonight, you ask?  Well, the Reverend Horton Heat is in town, and that’s where I’ll be.  Maybe I’ll see some of you there?  Gossip’s going on later too… if I’m not totally wiped.

Cheers, my dears…

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4 Comments to “Be still, my bleating heart!”

  1. Ah, Benjamin, you’ve done it again. Fantastic clip of Hey-seus. Where do you find this stuff??

    And yes, Hedwig should be a hoot and then some! 😉

  2. Well I’m glad V-day is over for this year! I don’t want to be a jaded YOUNG woman either but sometimes it’s hard not to be when this day arrives. We’re only human and we want to be loved. 😛 Luckily being surrounded by great, beautiful single friends makes up for it.

    And my meatless meatballs were a hit! Wished you could have seen there to have some but glad you got to see RHH!

  3. me and selene don’t really care for it much ourselves, but still do Something. last year, i took her to see Siouxsie. this year, we went for a phenomenal dinner out. still, we both kept saying “i really don’t celebrate valentine’s day.” eh.

  4. I am all about the angry inch to celebrate V-D Day.

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