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The Six-Hundred Dollar Guitar

3 February 2008

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Paraphrased from Oscar Goldman:
They pronounced her D.O.A.

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6 Comments to “The Six-Hundred Dollar Guitar”

  1. Pretty blue one! Pretty blue one! *clap* *clap* *clap*
    Funny, I don’t remember you playing it in a gilded frame. Scuse. Her.
    So you can make Tiffany bionic, but not my knees? Shame shame.

  2. this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

    Umm, does Sus have a matching wardrobe for this little beauty???

    • Think she’ll match the blue Moz Greatest Hits shirt that you wore to dinner the night we watched you attempt to unfold yourself to fit under the table at Ebisu? I can wear it, you can wear it and Colin can wear it. Matching band outfits! Shel needs one too!!!

      • this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

        Damn fever!!! She was talking about the guitar!!! ARGHHH!!! Where’s my cough syrup with codeine? goodnight!

      • this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

        “Think She’ll???” Hot Damn! Third person!?!?! Sus is just a little deity ain’t she? Although that’s a little too, “‘It wears the Moz Greatest Hits shirt,’ or It get’s the hose.”

  3. I play an Epiphone Les Paul. I bought it for myself for Christmas 1999.

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