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Rock The Casbah?

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Or confuse the hell out of them.

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3 Comments to “Rock The Casbah?”

  1. How many sperm-donors does it take to make a Handsome Devil? Helloooo – $20 in the family bettin’ pool says I’m gettin’ a nephew soon. Not a son! I am the kool aunt.

    What was the final count on “Ring of Fire” listens? Five? Six?

    Sometimes…when members of the Moz Krew are being intimate, your names gets called out. Heh.

    “Mas despacio por favor.”

  2. The Queen is Jessica

    You will succumb to the fact that you will be my hippo…I totally almost reminded you of that in front of Paulo, but I didn’t want a lashing. ;P

    You DID promise me once that you’d wear the tutu!

  3. Thanx for a great 4th! and definitely the Neil Diamond impression was the highlight of the night!

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