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OK, so I actually DO have a stitch to wear…

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2 Comments to “OK, so I actually DO have a stitch to wear…”

  1. That site (http://www.cryingwhileeating.com) disturbs me. And really, where is the site where people snort whilst eating at Sparky’s? Cause it happens. You know it does. I know it does. Shel? She certainly knows it does.

    You are a Couch Guitar Straps’ Model. Work it.

    1) Daddy-O’s. Gorgeous dresses that make me think back to a time when women wore girdles. How could they Eat for Sport back then???

    2) You got fucked by Bravado. And it wasn’t even in the back of a white van with straight release to dvd. I think you must somehow be paying for my duplicate order. They found me out and are too scared/embarrassed to come after me so they’re screwing you over by proxy. Sorry BFF.

    3) Jen is wise. Well of course shoes and belts need to match. Duh. What would you do without your women? Surely not match a stitch of what you have to wear. But you’d always have your guitar straps.

  2. Dresses for those of us that have asses!

    Now to get my sugar daddy to buy me something.

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