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As in Victory Day, friends.

I made a startling discovery this week when I inquired how much longer a certain soup was going to be on the seasonal menu.  Final confirmation is still pending, but my sources (Boudin staff) today assured me that during a recent menu revamp and due to overwhelming popularity, the Butternut Squash is “here to stay.”  Which I interpret to mean that the seasonal component of our collective menu strife is over.  No longer will the b-squash be subject only to the Fall and Winter months.  (Of course, this also effectively ends my ongoing struggles with Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder.)

So like I said, absolute confirmation still awaits, but at this point it appears, ladies and gentlemen, we have won.  Rejoice!

If all that weren’t enough, there is other food-related news.  Now I’ve made no secret of my love for a daily glass of delicious Ovaltine, but unlike the aforementioned soup, my proselytizing has been far less successful.  In fact, most people are terrified of its deliciousness, but I allow them that.  I myself have been on the ‘tine train at least since middle school, maybe longer.  And in that time, I’ve stuck pretty much to the main chocolate malt flavor.  Returning from her recent trip to London, Deanna was able to smuggle back a couple canisters of Ovaltine as it exists over the pond.  You may be aware that in the U.K., as virtually everywhere else in the world, food formulae are often altered to fit the tastes of the locals.  So I was prepared for this alien Ovaltine to be somewhat different, and I was not disappointed.  Overall, I’d say it’s milder.  Sort of halfway between pure malt powder and the good ol’ American staple.  Not bad at all, and certainly a welcome change of pace for my nightly ritual.  Like my own little European vacation.  Thanks Deanna!

Listening to: The Drums – “Summertime!

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3 Comments to “V-Day”

  1. Yay for Butternut Squash soup! Now is RSAD a real disorder? Never heard of it.

    You are welcome and so glad I could bring you back some Ovaltine from across the pond. It was my pleasure of course.

  2. Whenever I see your mentions of Ovaltine, I think of, “A Christmas Story.” I hear little Ralfie say, “Ovaltine? A crummy commercial?!? Son of a b*tch!” Lol, every time, without fail. Cheers on yr soup victory. Clearly Boudin did not win the war. Sooo, if it is part of the regular line-up, will it then rotate to once a week? As it will no longer be, “seasonal,” and have the honorable distinction of the seasonal Sunday/ Wednesday line-up? Just wondering. =P

  3. They have tons of Ovaltine at the Asian markets. I have never dabbled. My upbringing was the good ol’ quick mix – ya know, the one with the rabbit on the front. Probably contributed to my weight problem early in life.

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