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Coming Soon: Civil War II

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I had the T.V. on while eating dinner earlier tonight (Friday night alone… rock star!), and just as an experiment, I turned it to Fox News.  I figure, every once in a while, it’s probably good to see what the other side is saying.  Especially with all the madness going on with healthcare town halls and such.

Holy shitake!  I couldn’t last five minutes.  These people are nuts.  Granted, I watch a lot of Daily Show, but when I do, I know that it’s a comedy show.  It’s fake news.  But watching Fox News, it was like I was seeing the exact opposite and extreme view point, only it wasn’t funny, and it wasn’t presented as fake news.  It was presented as “fair and balanced” real news.  It’s no wonder the people glued to that channel are bat shit crazy.  At least the Daily Show occasionally pokes fun at the Left.  I would argue that Fox News is significantly more one-sided in its presentation.

And while their views and reasoning are… incomprehensible to me… I am trying to remind myself that they must all feel the same way about my views.  I want to say that time and progress will be on my side, and that history will look back on them and judge them ridiculous just as it does those who fought for slavery, against civil rights, against women’s suffrage, etc.  People that stubbornly stand in the way of progress, however they try to rationalize, justify, and spin it.  And I think I’m right.  But we gotta survive as a country long enough for that history to be written.  There are a lot of nuts out there, and there’s a lot of money being spent towards keeping them riled up.  Rome didn’t last forever.  Neither will we.

And on that happy note…

I’ve been on another kick of trying to organize my literally thousands of lines of notes I’ve been keeping for a decade… also known as my “to do” list.  It includes little things like this that I’ve jotted down over the years.  The quote of the week comes from a conversation I had with Jared once… from context it must have been 2003, but I don’t remember what Gore had done that spurred this conversation.  I like it just because it’s such a Jared reaction.

Benjamin: “If Gore were that animated three years ago, he would have won.”
Jared: “HE DID WIN!  Oh, you mean he would have won more.  He would have been the winner-er.”

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