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All the scars are on the inside.

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Last night, I saw Blue Öyster Cult at Slim’s.  Somewhere around 15 years ago, I drove to San Francisco with Jared to see what was my first concert in San Francisco: Blue Öyster Cult at Slim’s.  Even then, I guess you’d say they were well past their heyday.  But it was also way before their cowbell fame, and I don’t mind admitting that “Don’t Fear The Reaper” was among my favorite songs in high school. They did take the stage last night to Walken-infused techno intro music, so BÖC has clearly embraced their new ironic hipness… though why they weren’t cashing in on the obvious merch opportunities (HELLO?  How about a souvenir cowbell with their logo on it?) is beyond me.

I’ve been out of commission here for a month.  It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, but you may remember that I was questioning the value of spending too much time typing it out.  (I’m still on the fence about that.)  In the mean time, I’ve been doing alright.  Just hanging in there, weathering this shitstorm of an economy, you know.  It hasn’t stopped me from shopping though.  I’ve been shirts, and in doing so, I realized that there are websites dedicated to offering clothing that has appeared in movies.  Despite the fact that I haven’t worn a tank top in decades, I’m awfully tempted to pick up a Jack Burton replica from the insane Wing Kong site, dedicated to all things “Big Trouble In Little China.”  Interesting also (though too corny for me) is The Wanderers replica jacket.  Neato!

Oh, and somebody (anybody) I know needs to buy one of these mustache necklaces.  Almost as good as that mustache finger tattoo I saw.  Imagine being able to hold your index finger to your nose and having an automatic evil mustache.  Genius.

Before we go any further, watch this:


There have been several shows lately.  The big one for me was the birthday show of course.  Thanks to Sus, Ireland’s 32 was decorated with Kung Fu Panda balloons, inflatable guitars, party hats, and three amazing custom picture cakes (with sparkling candles)!  I was thrilled with all the folks that attended… off the top of my head, my mar and par, Sus, Anna and Sean, Deanna, Starla, Hawk, some of the Choir Boys and at least one Melano sister, Jonee (with a girl I knew from high school!), a coworker and her friends, Jen J., The Moons, and the mother of all surprises: Jared himself all the way from London!!!  Sadly, Shel was the glaring MIA, stuck across the country.  Peter was there and joined us on stage for a few songs!  We played a couple of Orlie’s originals!  Even my dad came up and played a couple of songs with us!  We ended up at Sparky’s of course, and I got to catch up with Jared till the wee hours.  I got some of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.  It was a really laid back and fun show… and honestly, probably the best birthday I’ve ever had.  Thanks again to all of you who made it what it was!

So far, being 30 isn’t so bad.  I don’t feel that different, so I guess that’s good.  Women tell me that men get better in their 30’s.  I’d been dreading that it would be the beginning of my decline.  We’ll see, I guess.

Anyway, then there was Santa Rosa… which was a tough sell again.  At least there was Denny’s.  Then this last weekend was Sacramento and Fresno.  It was fucking hot out there.  But it was fun, as always.  And as always, this particular trip came with its own bizarre stories.  Oh, and did I mention it was fucking hot?  At one point, my car’s thermometer (which admittedly likes to exaggerate sometimes) read 113°.  I’ll note that on my drive home tonight, it read more than 50° cooler than that.  Can you imagine?  50°!  I can’t stand heat like that.  It reminds me of Arizona.  Everything becomes more difficult.  It saps your energy.  And it makes people act crazy.  Believe me.

Man, I need to get out more.  I’ve been having fun lately, but I do a lot of the same things in the same places with the same people.  There’s comfort in that, but it doesn’t give you quite the same room to stretch and grow.  Time to shake things up a little.  Any ideas?

“My heart is on backwards.”

— Morrissey

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  1. Two t-shirt sites I frequent/recommend:



  2. Ideas? I got lots of ideas! Well maybe not lots but a few at least. Your bday show was the bestest! So happy I was there to celebrate with you too! Using any of your gifts (snuggie!) yet? I was just thinking before reading this that in 4 days it will be one month into your 30’s. I bet you will do fabulous living them too!

  3. this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

    Ah yes, Denny’s. With Good Charlotte’s Vegetarian friendly menu options. You’ll get yours someday! =)

  4. We definitely had an awesome time at your bday show and are looking forward to Anaheim. I was excited to see you mention “Big Trouble in Little China” that’s one of my favorite movies!

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