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… in which I meet Duran Duran.

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5 Comments to “… in which I meet Duran Duran.”

  1. Sean and I bumped into Craig on Saturday night when we were walking to dinner. He remembered us and invited us to come back for another show soon. He also thinks you’re a nice guy….

  2. BFE … “butt fuckin’ egypt?”

  3. Seriously, the sax player should have been honored to take our photo. I am sure that Sus and I know more Duran Duran than the disposable sax player. Does he not even realize that in all of the Duran Duran videos there is never a non-Duran Duran original member playing sax? Dispensable he is…

  4. Ha! I remeber that NWC at the white jacket introduction. Where is that fine piece of apparel anyways? 😀

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