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Welcome to my life, Tattoo.

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Current Mood: drained

We’ve a long time together, me and you.

So, I finally took the time to do it.

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8 Comments to “Welcome to my life, Tattoo.”

  1. The Queen is Jessica

    Am I missing some “oh-so-rockabilly” reference with the roman numeral tattoo? EXPLAIN!!!

  2. Congrats on the new ink! Very exciting. I believe this increased your “badass” status by about 30%. On an unrelated note, let me know when the Fillmore dates are so that I may come and review you guys for the mag. — if you’re into that.

    • I think you’re right. I already feel tougher, or at least I would if I weren’t walking around with one arm shaved. Alas, the Fillmore dates are for Moz himself, not for us. But you can come review Moz and interview us. Of course you could have reviewed us at Larry’s own club a few weeks back but… yeah, where you been lately?

      • Look mister, I had good reason for not being there — I was leaving on vacation (part II) the very next day, I had to pack. Eerrm.. okay.. maybe it’s not a “good” reason, but a reason nonetheless. I don’t know if Larry will pull the Moz tickets for me — and I don’t feel like handing out handies to anyone. We’ll just have to wait an see. Other than that, I’m great. I’m finally working in downtown sf — at a fabulous gallery; looking for roommates, that kinda thing.

  3. Congrats man, that’s awesome.

  4. yay for getting branded! soo lucky you are..

    I need to get branded with wings soon!

    can’t wait to see Moz again!

  5. you should have gotten a turtle… turtles are all the rage! 😀 then maybe we could both wear our pants sintched at the waist, throw on our birkenstocks and matched! It was about time I got any attention! That was really the only reason why I made an appointment!

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