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I think someone spiked the punch…

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Current Mood: contemplative

I checked out the “Louder Than Bombs” monthly Smiths night in San Francisco this last Thursday.

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  1. Your head is going to get too big for your hair!! 🙂

  2. thanks to you i have a regular city updates;since i`ve moved to suburbia,i have lost all my abbilities to achieve a common sence-natural -born urban thinking.i would like to go to one of this “louder then bombs”nights-can someone inform me more about that
    guitars:like you sad:”never ending story”-i`m still stuck with a prs swamp ash and music man evh which i`m trying to sell for some time.if you became a refugee let me know-i`ve been there,i might know some tips how to survive(sarajevo `91-`92,and belgrade `99)and stay cool:)

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