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5 Comments to “BFD? BFD!”

  1. Couple of notes on this one:

    1. That album came out on my 20th birthday from the release date listed.

    2. Does this mean you can now say that you’ve been in a bar fight?

    3. Wuss.

    See you Friday.

  2. Oh my gosh! I heard about that dust storm on a conference call! And I Googled Phoenix and nothing! Should I have Googled Penix? You could never live there. Imagine what would get stuck in your hair. Ok, I know you’re now imagining it. Stop it. It’s not real and there’s nothing in your hair. Ok, yes, go look at yourself in the mirror anyways to be sure.

    Last week, you claimed to be dying when in reality, you just got your ass kicked by Jeannie. Had you been plenty nourished and hydrated, who would’ve done the ass kicking then? Well I Wonder…

    Let’s not forget MerryDeath’s birthday! The real reason why BFD was created? Birthday For merryDeath? Where was the cake? Maybe we missed the cake and the cake topper was the bassist in mesh. Eww. Some things I’m glad to have missed.

    Musical Highlights – seeing Adam12 (can you believe that name) drop his mike trying to look cool during the She Wants Revenge set, Wolfmother’s Led Zeppelin reincarnation, Hard-Fi’s “Cash Machine” which uses that same blow-up keyboard that Orlie does onstage, Franz on the main stage relayed from your cell to mine and definitely Franz acoustic. Remember when Nick and I hung out w/Alex Kapranos and Alex forgot to smile? We were like this:

    TCB this Friday. Could the week end any better than that? I’m going to meet the fam! And possibly be so excited as to do a pee dance!

    Let’s clarify that the following lesson is a lifelong one to you hetero men out there: LISTEN TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Listen to your girlfriend and you won’t get kicked out of Shoreline. Twice. And then you will never have to sit in the car looking down at your feet while she proceeds to tell you she told you so. Because she did tell you so. Now bout the dog. Nothing I can do about that dog. We know that not All Dogs Go To Heaven. Some fail their screen test for The Omen, 2006 and are placed in the back of a car until a Nut Job walks by that looks chomp-worthy. Make no mistake, had that dog gotten out, it would’ve gotten its ass kicked. By me. For chomping on my Nut Job.

  3. The Queen is Jessica

    You may have been punched in the face, but I dropped your ass to the ground…with your niece watching. 😛

  4. Some chick sucker punched you? I hope she was cute…

    Is this going to turn into one of those things where I have to kiss your ass and buy you drinks and feed you Triscuits whenever I see you to make up for it?

    P.S. This smiley is so unnecessary, it’s awesome.

  5. No fair.. I could’ve gone to BFD for free… but was moving that day 🙁 I don’t want to be a grown up anymore.

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