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The Proud Father Of Twins

12 January 2006

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4 Comments to “The Proud Father Of Twins”

  1. The Queen is Jessica

    WHAT.THE.HELL?! You have two identical guitars?! You seriously need to put that money to other uses!!!! (Like ME! Kidding.)

  2. Your Casino twins look a bit stiff. Like they want to hug, but are just a big shy cause the camera was there. Are you sure the new one isn’t a girl? Thought not sure just HOW you’d tell, but if it was a girl, I’d suggest Elaine. Or, in a twist if identity irony, you could name it a classic line like, “Hello Benjamin,” cause if it’s your guitar, it is essentially a part of you and it’d be like you’re addressing yourself AND your guitar. Kill two mocking birds with one stone.

    As the acoustic guitar that Peter gifted you sounds a bit more aged, yet wise in music, perhaps you could name that one, “Mrs. Robinson”.

    Would it help if I said, better a bubble over your kitchen – where, heh, all the electrical appliances are – than over your bed? Unless you have a water bed. Cause then you could’ve just filled up your water bed. “Such a little thing makes such a big difference”

    All I can say about She Wants Revenge is stand aside or you’re gonna have tire tracks up your back when I run you over to purchase it on the 31st. So yes, would be my that I am anxiously awaiting this album’s release. They, along with The Lovemakers, were what rang me into the New Year’s. Fantastic. Have you seen this article? http://www.popmatters.com/music/reviews/s/shewantsrevenge-st2005.shtml And indeed, they are rather Interpol-esque.

    I will personally send Nick my thoughts and ideas and maybe some of them will be related to the subject matter mentioned above.

    I’ve not been to one of the Smiths/Moz nights. I wonder…were there many folks wearing black??? And btw, just wait til you get the coconut bra and grass skirt, and you will look like a girl. Maybe not a little school girl, but that’s another outfit and I won’t be providin’ that.

    What’s wrong with twelve guitars? That would be like friends telling me to stop at two strawberry lemonades or telling Snow White that seven dwarves was six too many. It’s This Charming Ben’s Life, not Sophie’s Choice.

    And finally, I did finally blog again, but find I still enjoy blahing away in your blog.


    You are an inspiration for me to sell my 5 string electric, and buy a new acoustic violin!! Thanks Benjamin! My three other violins & one viola need a new addition to their family.

    Also, don’t let my opinion sway you. I’m sure you also believe the new Strokes album is the best yet. Please write a review blog of it. I will do the same after I listen to it 500 more times this weekend!


  4. Perhaps the new Casino could be called “The Apprentice”….or to go with one of your other suggestions/comments to this blog….a girl’s name!

    You have inspired me that I do not own too many instruments myself (3 flutes, piccolo, 2 tenor sax’s, keyboard…..and the list goes on!), and that it is okay to contemplate the purchase of another……

    Ben, the love is flowin’!

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