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31 December 2005

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4 Comments to “Aftermath”

  1. Holy crap! I was in the Tenderloin? Nobody in the car told me what neighborhood I was circling in what w/the torrential downpour. And, sniffle, I didn’t get propositioned by a hooker of questionable gender and am feeling a bit insecure.

    I, too, have flower remnants. A lovey daisy now droops in one of the beverage cups of my Morrissey Mobile. I’ll be sure to ground it in soon with a Sbux cup.

    The new Horsemen. Well as expected, I didn’t get the reference, but when we stepped outside the sweatbox that you played in, there were some Bunnymen on.

    I shall definitely come out again to see you if assured there will be music and people. That was fun and there was some fine musicianship.

    • Like i’ve mentioned to a few of y’all before, that block on Geary where the Edinburgh Castle is located is my old neighorhood. I lived across the street at the 925 Geary Apartments from April 1997 to July 2005. Outside of the noise, the crack alley behind my studio, and the very tall “He-She’s” that tramped up and down the block when the sun went down, I never really felt unsafe or had any issues with burgulary or any other craziness while I was living there. The noise bothered me. That’s about it.

      Playing the Castle back in the day was great. I could perform, get drunk, and just walk across the street to my studio and pass out.

      Even with all the flowers drapped on my drunmkit and on the stage floor, I somehow managed to not save any for myself.

      • Does anyone else hear the silent sound of a tear rolling down a cheek??? If it willl make you feel better, I will mail my lone daisey to 925 Geary so it can get forwarded to you eventually. Let me just lift up the Sbux cup…

  2. Bugger, I am sorry I missed it. Happy new years man, glad the show went well. Don’t pretend like you didn’t like that dodgy bird propositioning you!



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