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Last Night In Penix

8 September 2005

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3 Comments to “Last Night In Penix”

  1. The Queen is Jessica

    This is where I am going to be devil’s advocate. You really could make your point without eliciting a holier than thou attitude about the veggie deal. For starters, you were not even a vegetarian yourself until recently, and secondly, unless you went vegan as well, by your own logic, you are a “murderer” as well. Secondly, please, please, please, please do not ever use God to illustrate and try to make your point intellectual. I think you know it does not work. And finally, the point is that even if she eats a “murder” burger, it is still processed, along with her fries, so she is really not getting anything au naturel.

    Sorry, you know I have to be devil’s advocate on this one…I wish that I had the willpower right now to be vegetarian, but right now I do not (guess I could if I really wanted to), so I, for one, do not appreciate being called a murderer! HMPH! Shall I eat humans instead?? YUM.

    • Aww! LOL!

      You make fine points, but let me add the following:

      1) Of course my reference to God hating you was a joke. As was the murderer comment really. I guess the sarcasm didn’t come through. “God hates you” is the kind of argument a southern uber-Christian such as she might use against me for any number of reasons. I was being funny, or so I thought. Settle down, Beavis.

      2) Eat humans? Is that a serious question? Don’t you know me at all?

      3) Morrissey! Not for anything related to this discussion, but just in general.

      • The Queen is Jessica

        Hee! We must rely on Morrissey to make all harmonious again. And yes, I got my panties in a bunch over it and even wrote a sassy blog of my own about how people offensively debate about certain controversial issues. I am sure you will appreciate it.

        And do NOT ever call me Beavis again! What is wrong with you and these weird names?!

        And yes, if I knew for sure that human was tasty and burnt to a crisp so as not to make known it was remotely human flesh, I would eat it wholeheartedly!

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