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Sleepy In Seattle

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3 Comments to “Sleepy In Seattle”

  1. The Queen is Jessica

    The Japanese have much better style than Americans could ever dream! And don’t you dare make fun of my peoples again! HAHA. Have you not ever seen CUTIE magazine? They are hip! Californians sucks. We should make this a Ghost Town.

    • You’re absolutely right… if this were Crystal Neo-Tokyo, and the earth were populated with colorblind cartoon alien samurai with big shoes, blue hair and huge, round, suspiciously caucasian-looking eyes… well then I’m sure their tremendous sense of style would fit right in. : )

  2. Remember the picture you took of me in front of the Stanford’s sign? *sigh* Good times, my friend. Tell me you’re free for karaoke when you return from Sheepless in Seattle…Bwahahahaha!! 🙂

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