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Wisconsin Redeems Itself… Sorta

5 December 2004

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I just got back from an ultra-busy weekend touring Milwaukee and Madison to visit friends/exgirlfriends that live here. After all, how often do I make it out to Wisconsin?

If you’ve been reading lately, you know that I was ready to write Wisconsin off completely. It’s a “blue” state, but that’s all it had going for it. But it turns out that that’s just Green Bay!

Milwaukee actually seemed like civilization. Coffee shops, ghettos, and good record stores. I won’t bore you all with the details, but I had a great time. Great vegetarian food. I had a vegetarian Reuben. Great googly moogly was it fuckin good. And I found a Smiths shirt!

Madison has been called the Berkeley of the East and it deserves the title. Beautiful architecture, brick buildings, neat bars and headshops. Lots of (hot) students. I found a shirt with my favorite Kozik design on it, Bitches. And I got a bunch of drunk pictures.

It was a very worthwhile trip, despite the 350 miles of driving. But now that I’m back at my hotel, I have this to say, if I may be miserablist for a moment:

There’s nothing like seeing someone who used to love you to remind you how ultimately alone you are. I have so little in common now with the people that, at one time or another, meant everything to me. To see someone who knew you well and “knew you when”… well I can’t think of anything that more severely points out just how much everyone changes from year to year… and just how many of those years have passed. This must be why most people don’t stay friends with their exes. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a longing-for-a-past-relationship thing at all. This is a holy-shit-everyone-has-moved-on-but-me thing. No one remembers. No one cares. Including me. Yes, go on… twist the knife.

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