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Soul Purpose

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to life lately.

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One Comments to “Soul Purpose”

  1. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion at Viva . I seriously had one of the best experiences yet because of you.
    We laughed at what needed to be laughed at and, and experienced everything that needed to be experienced, while leaving a little bit for next time.
    Then you really brought it with your dapper threads and that shirt hat got compliments from one of my all time favorite musicians !
    Next time we should go in Wednesday, the Link Wray trib was on Wed., to catch the pre-parties. Also, bring our own snacks and fruits to snack on so we can stay up and experience jiving ’til 7 am.
    I’m going to just say we were amongst the best of the beginning jivers! You’re a natural .
    A few regrets, Si Cranstoun and Voola, the weds. night pre party shows and most of all Deke’s guitar geek show. We only missed that because of The Polecats so I can’t be too mad. One of my highlights was Tim Polecat noticing I knew all the words to their songs. That tickled me.
    Oh, and Viva certainly left me thinking , The Rumble Strippers deserve a slot here. I hope it’s in the works.

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