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Just Keeping The Population Down

17 September 2010

5 Comments to “Just Keeping The Population Down”

  1. What kind of toys are you giving away. Maybe I can use some for my classroom. Let me know!

  2. It’s anybody’s guess! I know there will be some action figures and cars, but beyond that… I don’t remember.

  3. Okie dokie! I can definitely use cars. My boys love to play with them.

  4. I like the Martin reference, nice.

  5. UPDATE: I survived the weekend. I witnessed the marriage of one of my best friends and most significant exes and didn’t die. Then I cleared out my entire storage unit in one day. The good news is I got all of it. The bad news is that my living room is now wall-to-wall and waist-deep with dusty boxes of crap. It’ll take me weeks if not months to process and dispose of it all!

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