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Down With The Sickness

If you can believe it, I’m still sick as hell… but only a sore throat.  No other symptoms really.  And I’ve tried everything.  Every medicine and pain killer, lozenges, sprays, cold water, warm water, salt water, Listerine.  Nothing helps, and I’ve had no respite save for sleep.  I’ve been to the hospital and been tested.  They assure me it’s just a virus and there’s nothing to do but wait it out.  But this has to be the worst sore throat I’ve ever had, both in severity and duration.  And I’ve had many in my life.  The past couple of days it’s been excruciating just to eat.  Anything.  Even drinking water hurts.  Sucks big time.  So that’s been my focus the last couple of weeks.  It’s turned the volume down on everything else in my life, so you’ll have to pardon the lack of exciting content tonight.

Two interesting things I’ve learned from this experience though.  First, I’ve been told by two doctors in the last week that they’re surprised to see I have virtually no gag reflex.  That’s what you call “wasted talent.”  (Ha ha!)  More likely though, that’s just my faith in medicine and authority coming through.  Second thing, I’ve swished Listerine plenty in my life, and it’s unpleasant enough.  But have you ever tried to actually gargle Listerine?  Really let it get down in there?  Well I didn’t gag, but it almost brought me to tears.  Seriously, it’s awful.  Made me all emotional.

So while my sick days are being used up due to actual sickness, many of my good friends are travelling abroad at this very moment.  Big ups to my friends in Hawaii, Mexico, and the U.K.  Be safe!  Have fun!  Buy me stuff!

As I mentioned before, the next few months are going to be extremely busy for TCB.  Nick has been working overtime to book us a ton of new shows, and there are currently eight on the books for the next three months!  Check out the calendar… we’ve got Anaheim and L.A., Chicago and Milwaukee, Bakersfield and Fresno, Slim’s in S.F. and a return to Seattle.  We’re going to be up to our pompadours in flyers pretty soon, but that’s a luxury problem.  Looking forward to hitting some new places, playing a bunch of shows, and working up to the four-hour flight to Chicago!

“First there is a mountain,
then there is no mountain,
then there is.”

— Donovan


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  1. Chicago, Gino’s East, Vegetarian Pizza! Don’t ask, don’t think, just GO!!! *le sigh* tengo celos! 😉

  2. p.s. Espero que te sientes mucho mas mejor! 🙁

  3. Hello from the U.K.!!! We are having lots of fun and walking everywhere! Tomorrow we are on our way to Big Ben your namesake! 🙂 And yes I have already bought you something you hopefully will enjoy drinking in the evening. Plus some pics I think you will enjoy. 😛

    Sorry to hear about your sickness. I hope you will get over it quickly. It’s no fun. I’m still coughing from my sickness earlier in the month but it’s getting better.

  4. Thanks for the heads up Joyce! We’ll check it out!

    Great to hear from you Deanna! Hope all is well out there with you ladies. Can’t wait to see those pictures!

  5. A seasoned whore has no gag reflex. And you’re still not dying.

  6. Lol at Sus comment! Get well very soon!

  7. Jeeeez, Benjamin! I am so sorry that you’re still feeling awful! Rest, rest and rest. You really need to get over this virus. If you don’t start feeling better, go back to the doctor. They could be missing something. Be persistent. The reason you don’t have a gag reflex, is that I never made you eat anything you didn’t like, so you never had to gag. JK…
    Seriously, though, maybe you need an antiVIRAL medicine. They do exist. Something to ask them, if you don’t start feeling better real soon! I’ll call (or you can call me) tomorrow. Love You, Mog

  8. Awww! Thanks mom! 🙂

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