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… in which Johnny Marr finally gets to meet me.

29 January 2010

Wednesday night, I went to the Cribs show at Bimbo’s 365.

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10 Comments to “… in which Johnny Marr finally gets to meet me.”

  1. HA! Did not know you allowed him to take his picture with you. 😀

  2. Ha ha! Well, I wanted him to have a keepsake, you know.

  3. LMESTY… glad you got a chance to explain something to Mr. Marr. Look how excited you are in the pic! 😀 Good times!

  4. Yea!!!

  5. I know… I can’t tell that look on my face. It looks like I’m thinking “my diabolical plan is working!”

  6. Brings tears to my eyes! Dance Teddy Dance!

  7. Oh yeah, regret #3: I forgot to demonstrate the bear dance for him.

  8. I had a feeling that one day you would meet him. Didn’t know how or when but knew it was going to happen. Call it intuition I guess. How “Marr-velous” for you! I think that’s my favorite word right now!!! 😛 Again so very happy for you. And dang we are barely in 2010 and look what you’ve accomplished already!! What is next?? This may just be your year!!

  9. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah! It’s certainly shaping up to be a fine 2010 so far! 😉

  10. I cannot think of a more suitable way for Marr to wrap up his evening. To spend time with his prodigy! Yes, he is a lucky man. Nice going! 🙂

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