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The Lost Weekend

22 November 2009

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4 Comments to “The Lost Weekend”

  1. I guess this generation of movie makers is going to be know as the remake generation…

    • My dad said to me something to the effect of “kinda makes you feel old when they start remaking all the stuff that was around when you can still remember.” I guess they did it to him too, those bastards.

  2. Ben – Nick here. What did you think of “The Fog?” I think this was the movie john carpenter made right after making the first “Halloween.” I think I saw The Fog in the early 80’s on HBO but don’t remember much about it. I have a bizness degree but if I had the chance to change that I would have maybe majored in communications and minored in music. The one regret I have regarding skool is the fact I stopped doing Skool band after 8th grade. I did not partake in high skool band because I wan <TRUNCATED>

    • I think I had seen The Fog on TV once upon a time too when I was a kid. I didn’t remember much about it. It was… not very good. Funny considering Escape From New York would come not long after, and that movie’s a masterpiece. I know what you mean, I have some old band friends from high school (such as Nicole who commented right above you) who have been doing music non-stop since day one. I wonder how much better I’d be if I had dedicated that kind of time to it in my younger years. Lucki <TRUNCATED>

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