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7 Comments to “GFY”

  1. Dont feel too wierd.. I know four people who share my birthday…March 9.

    • Statistically, you’d need to know what, like 1500 peoples’ birthdays to come across four that share yours? I bet I know less that 20 birthdays. Insanity.

  2. I haven’t logged into myspace in AGES and this is the blog I happen upon? 😉

  3. I am eternally sweet. I wonder if I can get that with malt?

  4. Andrew Koa Stephens

    Dig it! I have to share my birthday with my brother. Nope we’re not twins. I just dropped in for his 8th birthday party and BAM! 2 cakes on every aug 7th from then on.

    Wait. What? Deadbolt? Really? I knew I should have looked in on you earlier!

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