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All the scars are on the inside.

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4 Comments to “All the scars are on the inside.”

  1. Two t-shirt sites I frequent/recommend:



  2. Ideas? I got lots of ideas! Well maybe not lots but a few at least. Your bday show was the bestest! So happy I was there to celebrate with you too! Using any of your gifts (snuggie!) yet? I was just thinking before reading this that in 4 days it will be one month into your 30’s. I bet you will do fabulous living them too!

  3. this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

    Ah yes, Denny’s. With Good Charlotte’s Vegetarian friendly menu options. You’ll get yours someday! =)

  4. We definitely had an awesome time at your bday show and are looking forward to Anaheim. I was excited to see you mention “Big Trouble in Little China” that’s one of my favorite movies!

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