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The Songs That Saved Your Night

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4 Comments to “The Songs That Saved Your Night”

  1. this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

    An entire shirt? Wow! I don’t remember hearing any mention of Julia in Chicago. Does that make Sus, the “Julia,” of this tour? Hmm… Well, yet again I find myself swearing to damnation my 4/5 a.m. work days. Sounds like I missed a couple of good shows. Cheers again to you and the band for that last minute show! See, that right there, is why y’all are the best Moz/ Smiths tribute EVER! Y’all care, and that’s nice. So gracias. 🙂

  2. I knew eventually you would consider going to the “other” site! 😛 Actually it took me a while (9 months) after I signed on to actually use it. Enjoy!

    I’ve been on at bridge before too. It’s not too bad. I swear. 😉

  3. Dude don’t fear Facebook. Although Myspaz is much better for bands, overall Facebook is mo better I think. Its also easier on yer computer in that you wont be attempting to pull up pages that are covered in leapard print or that have 50 pictures of Mike Ness on them…..which make yer computer stick and/or crash. You don’t have the option of putting that shit on a Facebook page :-)…

    That show the other night was sloppy and drunkn as all hell….but fun and well worth <TRUNCATED>

  4. I LOVE the word ‘shenanigans’….I LOVE using it in context too!

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