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Four hundred bucks!

22 February 2009

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Current Mood:  anxious

You’ll have to excuse my somber mood.  I’ve just lost something very near and dear to me, namely my $400.  Well, not exactly.  Something went wrong with the heater in my car, and the shop quoted me $420 to fix it.  Unfortunately, the defroster was disabled too, and with the weather we’ve had lately, that’s not going to fly.  When the work was finally done, it ended up being close to $350, but still.  From now on, if you’re in my car, you can expect the heater to be on full blast at all times.  We’re gonna get our money’s worth, damn it.

This upcoming weekend, we have a pair of very special TCB shows where we’ll be playing the entire first album, as well as unleashing some other new songs.  This will be an unusual set list for us, but you’re guaranteed to hear many songs you’ve never heard us do, and some you may well never hear us do again.  Sacramento is always a fun gig, and Fresno has been a sell out the past two times we’ve been there.  It sounds very likely that it will be again, so don’t miss out!

Speaking to Fresno specifically now… Fresno, I know you’ve recently had to endure the clumsy advances of someone else.  I know you’re probably hurt and confused.  You may be wondering how anyone could murder those songs so mercilessly right before your eyes (and ears).  But don’t worry, Fresno.  We’re not all like that.  There are bands that care as much about these songs as you do, and we would never hurt you like that.  And we’re coming.  Just sit tight.

Oh, and speaking of Kermit the frog, here’s an interesting read on the background of the Muppets we all know and love.

I hope I’m not “outing” anyone here (for some reason McCarthy-era communist blacklisting comes to mind), but my BFF Jared just turned 30 last week.  I can’t believe this shit.  Over the next few months, too many of my friends to name will be hitting this same milestone, and I’d be lying if I said I am not — at times — petrified.  I’m anticipating a depression and will be actively looking for some new perspectives to ease the transition.  My suspicion is that it’s going to require a radical shift in self-concept that incorporates being older, slower, having fewer life options, and being closer to death… but may also include positive things like being wiser, and… well that’s all I can think of.  Anyone?  Input please?

The quote of the week comes from a conversation I had with a foreign fellow on BART the other day:

Guy: How do you get your hair to do that?
Me: Will power.

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3 Comments to “Four hundred bucks!”

  1. 30!! hahahaha! I just turned 34 and a half last Friday. I asked if anyone at work wanted to celebrate it with me, and there were zero takers. I think that’s the biggest let down that happens after the big 3-0…no one gives a shit about b-days anymore, cuz the next ten years is a big sag-fest. So live up your last days of your twenties, because once they’re used, you never get them back! Scary much? Nah…I’m still the same person as I was as a senior in high school, only a little more r <TRUNCATED>

  2. Here are few things I found on turning 30. I think some you have already started doing and some you would never even think of doing. But just some things to consider anyways. 🙂

    -Buy earplugs. It is more than okay to suddenly become annoyed by the loud music you previously could not live without. If you find yourself shouting “God, it’s too loud in here, I can’t even talk!” to your friends, it’s perfectly normal. <TRUNCATED>

  3. OMG! Im closer to being the dreaded 40! well not really..the big 3-2 in 2 months! the thirties aren’t that bad, believe me. You get a bit wiser, and glad that you aren’t 20. or 18. Unless you really enjoyed one or the other. Take it from me, I love being in my 30s. and You will too!

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