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Bad news on the doorstep…

2 February 2009

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2 Comments to “Bad news on the doorstep…”

  1. Benjamin, turns out Im enjoying the very same album on vinyl as I read this! And yes, the Moz sleeve- good lord. He really does look fairly fit though for an any day now 50 year old gent 😉

    Speaking of Blagojevich, youtube him on DL Hughley Breaks the News. Hughley’s like in love with Rod AND his horrible coiffure!!

  2. this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

    So then if not this new sleeve, then perhaps the, “Arse’nell,” one? I can’t spell tonight, and I’m having odd joint pain. Being on the verge of 29, is no fun. I’m becoming arthritic! Where was this warning? 🙁

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