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All I Want For Christmas Is You

3 December 2008

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12 Comments to “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

  1. So is this list like a pot luck list where you sign up for stuff so people don’t all just bring cookies? Put me down for Sam’s Magic Fingers… 😉

    Lots to comment on your marriage bit, but I’ll save that for our walks!

  2. I still have these substitutes that you can check out if you’ve a library card.

    Oh, and Tekka and Maki have one more photo shoot and their 2009 wall calendar will be ready for your cubie. Included will a shot of foggy clouds from the 30th floor of 333.

    • Scuse, I don’t think substitute balls are the kind of thing that I want to borrow… used. I mean, who knows where they’ve been!

  3. OK, two things…

    Marriage: my, how the tables have turned. Who’da thunk I’d be the one married and you’d be the one doubting it. Craziness.

    Cologne: when you mentioned Eternity, I just started cracking up thinking of that horrible bottle of “Money” cologne you used to wear! ah, good times, bad smells.

    • Totally! It’s almost like we’ve switched lives in the last decade! If only you were moving to Pleasanton. And I could find a hunky guy to marry… swoon.

      As I recall, the “Money” cologne didn’t even say “Money.” It was just “$” but I felt money when I wore it. In the Swingers / Horsemen sense, you know.

  4. ….you know me….I’m getting married….

    • Yes you are, and I added it to my calendar, did you see? Somehow I knew you would comment. OK, so Maya is married. You’re about to be, and Jessica and Anna are not far behind. That’s still a relative minority of my circle. So what’s the secret???

  5. So I was at Macy’s tonight and saw your Eternity cologne with aftershave included in a gift set. 🙂 I also seem to recall seeing those newsboys caps at The Dickens Faire this past weekend. If only I had known then!

    But if you’d rather just hangout we can go to Daphne’s for a veggie combo plate and then discuss this whole to marry or not to marry thing. 😛

    “Marriage is a fine institution – but I’m not ready for an institution.” – Mae West

    • I seriously have seen and/or tried on so many newsboy caps, I’ve almost lost hope of finding one I like and that fits me. Meh.

      Yeah, Daphne’s sounds great! And then we can bitterly trash our married friends*! 😀

      * Just kidding, married friends!

  6. The Queen is Jessica

    If it makes you feel any better, we prolonged getting married as much as possible. This Febriary, we’ll have been engaged 2 years. And our wedding isn’t until February 2010. 😀

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