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Making The Scene

29 November 2008

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Current Mood:  sore

It’s been a busy few weeks.  And I’ve neglected you.  I am sorry.

A couple weeks ago, I was at the Knockout and I met the man behind the Couch Guitar Straps that I love so much.  His band, The New Fidelity, was playing.  Kind of a Kinks/60’s/Brit thing.  A lot of fun, and they were all swell guys.  Later was a Smiths night at The Catalyst with Deanna and her crew, considerably more crowded this time, with lots of beautiful folks.  It ended up being a sunny weekend, and I hit the Haight with Shel, got to lay out in the sun at some point (maybe my last opportunity this year?), and got an Olive Garden fix with Jamie.  Then last weekend was a bit more tame.  I saw the Music Lovers with Sus (and I think I liked them better this time).  Starla gave me a tour of the lake’s boat house area which I’d never seen in all my years here.  I think that was about it maybe?

Now this time, I fashioned myself a five-day weekend which is now just a day away from over.  But I think I’ve made good use of it.  On a rare weekday off, I got a haircut and made it out to Savor for a rainy day lunch.  On Thanksgiving, I had a nice brunch with Majik and Booty.  The Popscene show went well.  To be honest, I was dreading it somewhat based mostly on the venue, but in the last year they’ve done some big remodelling.  There’s now a green room with a private bathroom.  Me gusta.

I’m always left feeling strange after a Popscene show.  It’s an 18+ place, and they play all this cutting edge indie stuff.  I feel a bit out of place on that dance floor.  The way they all dress.  The songs that excite them.  I feel way out of touch.  Like maybe I’m about five years past my “use by” date.  So sorry hordes upon hordes of young Popscene girls clawing at me, as usual.  I’m afraid we don’t speak the same language.  Hey nineteen!

Speaking of being out of touch, am I the last person on earth to hear about the “massive” popularity of the ambigram tattoo?  Apparently, this is all the rage.  The real question is, does anyone I know have one?  Come on… fess up!  Check out this one from NastyBasty:

I forgot how heavy all my gear is.  When do we start getting roadies?  I woke up pretty sore yesterday after the show.  Fortunately, I went to SC for some R&R with my mar and par… and some other family members.  Had a day-late Thanksgiving complete with Tofurky, which got generally good reviews from all involved.  My two-year-old niece wore me out completely.  It’s like they put new batteries in her right before I come over.

So anyway yeah, it’s been a busy few weeks, mostly positive.  As for the bad news, there’s been plenty of that too.  Mitch Mitchell, one of my favorite drummers of all time, died recently as well.  The economy’s taking a shit of course, and it’s already been affecting those around me.  I’ve had friends and family losing jobs, and even the husband of a former manager was killed by a deranged employee, very tragically.

If there’s any good news on the economic front, it’s that gas prices are literally half of what they were a few months ago.  Seriously, it was under $2 a gallon over here this weekend.  So for reasons unknown, OPEC has spent the last year sitting pretty while oil prices went through the roof to record highs, and how does America respond?  We basically tell them to shove it, and demand falls off drastically.  Now, the OPEC cartel is scrambling trying figure out how to keep oil prices from falling and with little hope of succeeding.  This pleases me.

In other economic news, I didn’t have much success doing my duty as an American and buying myself a bunch of shit on Black Friday.  But I did do a little shopping, and when I was looking at t-shirts, I came across some fantastic band names that are worth mentioning.  Now, I don’t know any of their music, and in all likelihood, I’d hate it.  But I have to give credit where credit is due…

  • F Minus
  • Circle Takes The Square (as in Hollywood Squares?)
  • Acoustic Ladyland (an acoustic Jimi Hendrix tribute?)
  • The Ducky Boys (tell me this is a Wanderers reference)
  • The Red Chord
  • Guitarshop Asshole (as a guitarshop patron, this is by far the best one)

Well shit.  I was all amped to go out tonight and make use of my Saturday night, but I’ve been feeling crappy since I got home today.  I hope things turn around, but it’s getting later, and I don’t feel any better.  Blech!

The quote of the week comes from a bumper sticker I saw the other day, and it reminds me very much of a certain drummer’s girlfriend…

“It was on fire when I got here.”

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3 Comments to “Making The Scene”

  1. No me gusta the tattoo.

  2. And wouldn’t you know it, all the dang river rats decided not to make an appearance that day 😉

  3. Did the trip to New Wave City to see all the oldsters, help with your “use by” date problem ? :):)

    Nice to see you again.


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