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THANK GOD: My Election Day Rundown Blog

4 November 2008

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On this very night, in the year 2000, I was more engaged in politics than I had ever been.  I was energized not by my support of a candidate, but by my inexpressible dislike for one.  I had never felt more passion about a political candidate than I felt loathing for Bush.  But things seemed to be going my way that night.  I stayed up with Erin watching the results come in, and I went to bed believing — as the news stations had called it — that Gore had won Florida, and thus the election.

The world I awoke to next morning was the beginning a nightmare that would ultimately dominate more than a quarter of my life to date.  Just 547 votes.  The past eight years have been fraught with so many incomprehensible political blunders that had such dire consequences… well there are too many to mention.  We all know them.  We all lost count after a while.  The Bush administration has been responsible for so much wrong that it’s become passé to even talk about in detail.  It’s universally understood.  Most of the rest of the country has learned to see things as many of us already did eight years ago.  It’s hard to remember what America was even like before this nightmare.  It’s hard to remember what it feels like to be proud of my government.

Friends, it seems the nightmare is over.  As I write this, Obama appears to be on his way to a landslide victory, but I’m not planning on going to bed until it’s etched in stone.

I plan on making some updates here as the night progresses, particularly with the possibility of a filibuster-proof senate majority for the Democrats, the Al Franken senate race, and California props 2, 4, and 8.  Oh, and did you hear San Francisco has a measure on the ballot to rename our sewage treatment plant after Bush?  Ha ha!

08:40pm PST – Obama is, by all accounts, the next president.  THANK GOD.
11:52pm PST – Prop. 2 is set to win!
12:26am PST – With 96% of precincts reporting, Al Franken has taken a slight lead… he may be the next Minnesota senator.  Which is hilarious.

The Next Day
09:49pm PST – I forgot that some of these things take a few days to sort out.  Prop.2 passed and Prop. 4 failed, so that’s great news.  Al Franken appears to have lost by only a few hundred votes, so a recount is in the works.  It is one of four outstanding senate races that will determine if the Democrats get that 60-40 split.  Either way, they’ll have a crushing majority in both houses.  This is my last update, but one final comment…

On the passing of Proposition 8…
Congratulations… all you supporters of Prop. 8 will be judged by history as ridiculous and backwards along with those on the wrong side of the Scopes Monkey trial, Brown v. Board Of Education, etc.  Speaking of which, of all the demographics who understand that separate but equal is not equal… exit polls showed that while other races hovered around a 50-50 split on the issue, Black voters actually favored Prop. 8 by about 70-30.  See for yourself here (under “Other Exit Polls”).  So on the same night we historically elect an African American to the Presidency — by all accounts a huge leap forward in civil rights — that very community helps to cover almost the whole spread to pass the first constitutional amendment ever to take away civil rights from another minority?  I don’t know what to say about that except that I find it especially disappointing, more than I would have if there had been more even support of the Proposition by race.  It puts a damper on what should be such a positive election.  Not to mention this issue shouldn’t have even been on the ballot in the first place.  The courts are there to protect the rights of minorities even when they’re in conflict with popular opinion.  That’s the whole point!  But as I said, change will come eventually.  And the people who supported Proposition 8 will be lumped in with the people who kept women and minorities from voting, the people who supported slavery, and all the others that have been so clearly on the wrong side of a social issue.  Mark my words, your grandchildren will look back to these times and be ashamed of you.

In the mean time, enjoy the second installment of that celebrity get-out-the-vote campaign.  Featuring, among others, Borat…

Oh, and then here’s a neat page I saw today.  Take a look at where your favorite companies are donating their money.  Pretty sobering!

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  1. I’m pretty confident that Obama will take it but I’m just a tad bit nervous too.

  2. The Queen is Jessica

    YAY FOR OBAMA! Boo California. Big, fat BOO.

  3. * *Charlene DeeVille* *


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